Student work

Below are links to student projects as they stood on October 24. Click on the link below the image to view an extended PDF presentation of each project. To see much of the work in person, you can go to the Weisman Art Museum until December 30, 2012, where you can see student projects as well as sculpture by the artist Jason Hackenwerth.

Alex Berger – desert jack rabbit / thermal regulation


Rob Holley and Hank Butitta – bird feathers / water repelency

Holley Butitta 24 Oct 2012

Angela Tafte – bird lungs / ventilation and filtration

Taffe_24 Oct 2012

Abby Merlis – armored shrew spine / deployable + collapsible structure


Reenie McCormick and Alex Kang – honeypot ant / expandable structure


Chris Brenny – wasp / heat + power generation


Tia Bell – social wasps / flexible structural system


Windy Fleischaker – bonobos / mutualistic social + living networks


Jenna Johansson – tree bark / weathering system for cladding


Brianna Frandrup – Namibian Desert Beetle / fog collection



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